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Matt Chat 251: Yerzmyey on Atari Music

In this episode, chiptune maestro Yerzmyey talks about making music on Atari computers. We also chat about ZX81 music and how he composes his tunes.

NOTE: Yerzmyey himself has been reading the comments on these videos, so feel free to ask him any questions you have about his music or his platforms of choice. Check out his awesome music (for free!) here.

Download the mp4.



Seduction of the Stupid?: Some Thoughts on GamerGate

Seduction_of_the_InnocentBack in 1954, a psychiatric whistle blower named Fredric Wertham published a book called Seduction of the Innocent, which made all sorts of alarmist claims about the comics book industry.  Unbeknownst to the general public, the supposedly kid-friendly world of comics was anything but, and were, in fact, dripping with filth and the vilest of themes, including excessively graphic violence and sexual obscenities.

While some of his claims seemed questionable then and now (Superman as a fascist? Batman and Robin as lovers?) Wertham did a marvelous job drawing the public’s attention to some of the worst excesses of the comics industry. The comics industry responded by adopting a “Comics Code” sanitizing regime that threw the baby out with the bathwater. These efforts stunted the American comics book industry, which soon lagged behind other countries in terms of art and themes. Serious comic book authors in this country either went underground, gave up, or produced childish, squeaky-clean stories purged of meaningful content.

My point is not that the comics industry needed no regulation–simply that the reaction went much too far, and ended up stifling creative freedom in the process. And, if we’re not careful, the same thing–if not worse–is about to happen to American video games.

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