Interview with Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games

blackwell-bundle-titlebarHi, folks! I just finished conducting my interview of Dave Gilbert, president of Wadjet Eye Games. We discussed his lineup as well as his thoughts on point-and-click adventures in general. He’s encouraging–the market seems to be in full resurgence, though he makes a good point that, for whatever reason, people seem obsessed with the idea of adventure games “dying” and being reborn–you don’t hear the same sort of bombast about other genres such as SHMUPs and roguelikes. I’m definitely looking forward to playing more of his games, especially the Blackwell series. He’s currently offering the first three games in a bundle for only $14.99.

Dave uses Adventure Game Studio to make his games, which seems like a great choice. The only real limitations are portability and some outmoded engine details. I love it when people are able to use tools like this to actually  make commercially successful games.

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