Matt Chat 210: Tales of Illyria

For this week’s Matt Chat, I review Little Killers’ Tales of Illyria. This $5 Android game (PC version in the works!) is a fabulous take on Oregon Trail meets Betrayal at Krondor (both of which I’ve reviewed, too, so click the links!). I really enjoyed this game, which adds some nice touches that you won’t see in most turn-based CRPGs. I particularly liked the horses (my beloved Mustang!) and the huge variety of random encounters. You can play this for weeks and not see everything it has to offer. I interviewed one of the developers, Chad Mannicia, back in 2012.


5 thoughts on “Matt Chat 210: Tales of Illyria

  1. Shane-ola

    That looks like a steal for $5. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time budget to invest in a new game right now. I am juggling a few already 🙂

    I am amused to no end that your first encounter was a rat. You smooshed him good.

    1. Matt Barton Post author

      Wow, an iTunes listener! I wanted to ask–are you okay with the mp3s for iTunes, or did you prefer the videos?

      1. Wholly

        I like the video, I think it’s important to be able to show some of the older titles but I generally only listen as driving has a way of precluding the enjoyment of video. I was there, I know what it looks like but my kids need the proof that this old stuff can be enjoyable.

      2. Wholly

        You did catch that your mp3 posted on this site is also 20 seconds of intro music and silence like the itunes feed, right?


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