Matt Chat 230: Stewart Cheifet Part II

Stewart Cheifet, host and producer of Computer Chronicles, is back this week to talk about his experiences with the landmark television program. We chat about Commodore, Atari, Apple, IBM, and Microsoft. We also get more behind-the-scenes stories, such as how Steve Jobs told off Stewart in a board meeting, and how Jack Tramiel didn’t know jack about computers!

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One thought on “Matt Chat 230: Stewart Cheifet Part II

  1. Bill

    AWESOME interviews with Stewart!! Thank you for putting this together and getting it up online. I started watching CC in the late 1980s and it was part of what got me hooked on computers. I still watch old episodes on (some of them I have seen a few times lol)

    It’s a great glimpse at the most exciting period of personal computing in my opinion.

    Thanks again for the great video!


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