The Matt Chat Gold Box Special

Only you can get this video into production.

Only you can get this video into production.

I announced in this week’s episode a project I’ve had incubating for some months now–a lengthy special feature covering my favorite CRPG franchise–the one that got me started in this business. Of course, I’m talking about the Gold Box series. It’s been awhile since I’ve played them, but I have played almost all of them from start to finish on my trusty ol’ Commodore 64. I’ve also recently had the pleasure of interviewing several key folks on their design teams. In short, I love this series, and I think (and from what I’ve gathered from my informal polls of you guys), a feature on them is just the sort of bait I need to grow the show.

You see, this special won’t get made unless (or, hopefully, until!) I reach 25,000 subscribers on YouTube. I need to grow the show for various reasons, but the main one is attracting a steady stream of designers and other professionals to be my guests. The bigger my audience, the more likely I am hear to a big fat “YES!” to my requests to have them on. Matt Chat has its fans, but, sadly, the numbers just aren’t as appealing as they could be.

Maybe that’s just because I suck. However, I’m going to assume it’s also because people who would love my content simply don’t know the show exists. I routinely get emails or comments from folks along these lines: “Wow! I love your interviews. Why have I never heard about this show until now?”

I don’t want to waste money on advertisements. I’m not convinced they work, and, to be quite honest, I just hate ads. I’d much rather do this the old-fashioned way: word-of-mouth!

The way I figure it, if everyone who likes the show would tell a few other like-minded folks about it, I’ll double my audience in no time. You could do this by posting about your favorite episode on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. Or you could just (gasp!) actually tell a friend about it in actual conversation or email. Just be to sure let them know it’s not just a one-off video: this is a show with weekly episodes!

I know a lot of you folks are already doing a TON to support the show, and I hate to have to ask to burden you. But this is by far the most effective means I know of growing the show. Thanks, and I hope to get started on this Gold Box special soon!

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