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Matt Chat 223: Seth Robinson on Dink Smallwood

What did the author of the most famous BBS door game of all time do after the decline of the BBS? This week I’m back with Seth Able Robinson to chat about Dink Smallwood, a satirical CRPG that became a cult classic among PC gamers. We also chat about his other projects, which include Teenage Lawnmower and Funeral Quest.

Download the episode here.

Matt Chat 222: Seth Robinson on LORD

Seth returns this week to talk about his epic BBS door game, Legend of the Red Dragon. We then chat about his take on Tradewars, another door game called Planets. We end with a discussion of LORD II, an ambitious sequel that failed to make the impact of the original.

You can play LORD for free at Nuklear LORD. You can play Planets at Mortal BBS.

Download the mp4 of this episode here.

Matt Chat 221: Seth Robinson’s Early Days

This episode features Seth Robinson, the developer of Legend of the Red Dragon (a BBS Door game) and Dink Smallwood, a satirical CRPG.

Check out Seth’s Growtopia game here:

Download the mp4 here.