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Matt Chat 252: Yerzmyey on Making Computer Music

*** Warning: This video contains vulgar language. ***

Yerzmrey returns one final time to talk about some games he made for the ZX Spectrum, his favorite chiptune and mod composers, and advice for aspiring musicians.

Download the mp4 here.

Matt Chat 251: Yerzmyey on Atari Music

In this episode, chiptune maestro Yerzmyey talks about making music on Atari computers. We also chat about ZX81 music and how he composes his tunes.

NOTE: Yerzmyey himself has been reading the comments on these videos, so feel free to ask him any questions you have about his music or his platforms of choice. Check out his awesome music (for free!) here.

Download the mp4.



Matt Chat 250: Yerzmyey Part I

This week is all about music, but not just any music. We’re talking about chiptunes, Atari 8-bit, and Amiga music with musical composer Yerzmyey.

Check out Yerzmyey’s awesome tracks here:

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Download the mp4 here.