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    Matt Barton

    List the guests you’d like to see on the show here. In my experience, guests are ten times more likely to accept my invitations if YOU initiate the contact. Just tell them about the show, how much you’d like to see them on it, etc. This goes a long way–a lot further than just me contacting them out of the blue to invite them on.

    Note: I’m much more likely to invite the guest if you provide me his or her contact info. Don’t post personal stuff, of course–send me a private message or email.




    Me! But I supposed I have to make a game worth mentioning first…

    The Dougherty brothers, as I said in another post, Sid Meier? Warren Spector? Nolan Bushnell?



    Hi Matt,

    Although he’s not a developer, it seems like Bradley Koda has an
    interesting part of the retro gaming story to tell. When Atari
    went out of business (in the 90’s?), he borrowed money from his
    family to personally buy up their warehouses of unsold inventory,
    and he spends half a day each day selling the stuff.

    I called him a few years ago hoping, but not really expecting, that
    he’d have an Atari ST for me. He told me he had *multiple
    palettes* of *new old stock* 1040 ST’s! When I’ve visited there to pick
    stuff up, I could see through the office door into the warehouse and see
    boxes of Atari ST monitors stacked on palettes like two stories high.
    Apparently he had so much stuff that he discarded inventory to get down
    to the maximum amount of stuff he could sell in his lifetime.

    I’ve only interacted with Bradley a couple of times but it seems like
    there could be an interesting interview here.

    > guests are ten times more likely to accept my invitations if
    > YOU initiate the contact

    I can mail him if you think you’d like to pursue it.
    His e-mail is





    I just discovered this!

    Sid Meier and Roberta Williams are of course two “big” people everyone would probably be interested in.

    I’d also be interested in seeing you interview Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software, the “one guy and his wife”-team behind the old Exile series. Jeff has a mantra of making retro games and keep making them. Not really sure you can call them retro games, since he’s been basically just making the same kind of games since -94! Jeff can be reached at

    Another person I’d be interested in is composer Paul Romero, who’s worked on the soundtracks for games like EverQuest and Heroes of Might & Magic. I actually tried to contact him in the fall, but couldn’t find a working email, so I haven’t got any contact info for you on him!

    Anyways, great show, keep it up!



    Speaking of composures, I would like to see an interview with Alexander Brandon. Did the music for probably the best soundtracks ever made; Deus Ex. He also did unreal tournament and some voice work.

    And speaking of voice work. How about some voice actors from some video games? Some of the absolute best voice actors I heard are from video games. I am a mark for them. Maybe an interview with Simon Templeman? From lots of games like Dragon Age Diablo and a little game called…Legacy of Kain ?! Hm? *Giddy*



    Trip Hawkins? Founder of EA.

    I’d love to hear about Deathlord and how it caused a rift between him and Richard Garriott, enough that Garriott made him a pirate in his Ultima series.

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