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    Matt Barton

    Put together a 5-person team using any of the guests who have appeared on Matt Chat. The goal: create the ultimate game!

    Here are my picks:

    Programming: Becky Heineman
    Music: George “The Fat Man” Sanger
    Story: Neal Hallford
    Design: Chris Avellone
    Graphics: Jennell Jaquays

    Tough choices here…What about your team?



    I think that best developers are actualy unknow.. because they are working, whilst someone else trying make easy money through self-promoting and big promises, or creating what stupid herd is wanting (aka be on right time on right place).

    Other problem is that lots of developers lost thie edge after first row of success, developers have to be hungry, like boxers or gladiators before match.

    Next problem is that coders and artists are victimcs of their designers and designers are victims of their producers and producers are victims of bankers. So be best in in your profession doesnt mean do good game.

    As team going to be, bigger and bigger, role of realy genius guys is going to be smaller and smaller, because they are grinded up in corporate machine. And you have to be part of such machine if you are trying to make cuting edge complete game.

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    Programming: John Carmack
    Design: Sid Meier
    Story: Richard Garriott
    Music: Hironobu Sakaguchi
    Graphics: Matthew Carofano (lead graphic artist on Skyrim)



    All of them haven’t appeared on Matt Chat, but my dream team would be:

    Programming: John Carmack
    Design: Warren Spector/Hidetaka Miyazaki
    Story: Chris Avellone
    Music: Alexander Brandon
    Graphics: Any top artist from Capcom or SNK from mid/late 90s

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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