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Actual Table of Contents for Vintage Games 2.0

Yikes and yowsers! I noticed (after the fact, of course) that the table of contents I displayed for my book Vintage Games 2.0 in my latest video is, in fact, INCORRECT. Here’s the actual list of games covered:

  1. Spacewar!
  2. PONG
  3. Space Invaders
  4. Zork
  5. MUD
  6. Rogue
  7. Maze War
  8. Pac-Man
  9. Donkey Kong
  10. Pole Position
  11. Pitfall!
  12. Flight Simulator
  13. Elite
  14. Pinball Construction Set
  15. King’s Quest
  16. Wizardry
  17. Ultima
  18. Super Mario Bros.
  19. The Legend of Zelda
  20. Final Fantasy
  21. Tetris
  22. Street Fighter II
  23. SimCity
  24. Civilization
  25. Pool of Radiance
  26. Wasteland
  27. Dungeon Master
  28. Myst
  29. Doom
  30. John Madden Football
  31. Sonic the Hedgehog
  32. The Sims
  33. Diablo
  34. Starcraft
  35. Pokemon
  36. Ultima Online
  37. Super Mario 64
  38. Tomb Raider
  39. Final Fantasy VII
  40. Metal Gear Solid
  41. Ocarina of Time
  42. Dance Dance Revolution
  43. Grand Theft Auto III
  44. Halo
  45. Call of Duty
  46. Half-Life 2
  47. World of Warcraft
  48. WIi Sports
  49. Angry Birds
  50. Minecraft


Anonymity, or, Why I Don’t Wear Coveralls

Lately, I’ve been having some thought-provoking discussions on Twitter about internet anonymity, mostly in the context of the infamous RPG Codex. I’m someone who teaches and studies rhetoric, which is essentially the art of effective discourse (pretty much any type of communication but straight out formal logic–and some would even count that). Naturally, I have an interest in how a factor like anonymity affects what we’d call the “rhetorical situation.” All else being equal, if Speaker A is wearing a mask, does that make him more or less convincing than Speaker B, who is clearly not afraid to show his face? More to the point, does wearing a mask make you more or less honest when giving your opinion?

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What’s wrong with Matt Chat?

imagesSince my last post, I’ve been thinking more and more about what I’ve been doing “wrong” with Matt Chat, at least in terms of building an audience. Many folks have pointed out, and I think correctly, that with the caliber of guests I have on the show–and I’ve been maintaining that for years now–the show should be doing much better. There are countless guys out there doing simple reviews and let’s play type videos who are simply obliterating my views and subscriber lists.

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Collaboration: The Bad and the Ugly

Writing a book, developing a game, or hosting a website can be lots of fun, but also very stressful, particularly when you’re up against deadlines and things get hectic at work and home. If you’re collaborating with someone else, that stress level is precisely double. Even if you’re on the best of terms going into it, it’s easy to get angry over seemingly frivolous things, especially with workload, quality, and respect issues.

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