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Matt’s Podcast for February: Rambling on Adventure Games

I’ve played more adventure games over the years than any other genre, so when Mike Kennedy and Brandon Justice of Retro magazine tapped me for a feature article on them–it wasn’t “yes,” it was “hellz, yeah!” In this podcast, I talk more about the generation gap as well as the cultural gap between and among gamers these days, then get into the history and future of the adventure game.

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Matt’s Podcast History of Gaming?

I don’t know how many of you out there love audio podcasts as much as I do, but I’m a big fan of the history podcasts by¬†Dan Carlin, Mike Duncan, and, more recently, Benjamin and Adam. I was thinking that it’d be pretty fun to do my own dedicated history podcast about gaming and computers. If I go down this route, I want to really make a determined effort to get it right the first time. In short, I want to do something really slick and polished that would have a decent shot at getting featured on the iTunes store.

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Audio Interview with History of Sierra On-Line Documentary Makers

Hi, folks! This is an interview I recorded back in August with Luke Yost and Patrick Clark of Molotov Angel Productions. The two have been doing great work on a Sierra On-Line Documentary. As this interview makes clear, it’s a real shame that their efforts to get this funded through Kickstarter have failed. The project sounds amazing, and would certainly be must-see viewing for any fan of Sierra classics. Luke and Patrick share a lot of their behind-the-scenes stories about doing their interviews, many of which were recorded in the designer’s own homes. Hopefully Luke and Patrick won’t lose hope! I, for one, would love to see this.