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Matt Chat 217: Guido’s Early Days

In this episode, Guido talks about his early days, focusing on the difference between the German and UK and US computer game scenes. How are German gamers different? Watch this video to find out! We also chat about Guido’s first games, Ooze and Hellowoon.

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Matt Chat 216: Chatting with Guido Henkel

This episode is the first part of my chat with Deathfire developer Guido Henkel. We chat mostly about his new Kickstarter project, Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore, which is shaping up to a new classic–turn-based combat, full party creation, and a deep storyline. I think you’ll really enjoy hearing all of Guido’s thoughts on its design; he obviously knows what folks like us prefer to play!

Download the mp4.

Want to play Guido’s classic Realms of Arkania? Buy them usingĀ this link from, and I’ll get a kickback at no extra cost to you!


I’ve been so swamped…Sorry about that Kickstarter You Funded

imgresI’ve been noticing a trend lately (inevitable, I guess) in the number of Kickstarter updates along these lines:

  • “Sorry I’ve been out of touch for the past few weeks…”
  • “Unfortunately, the project has turned to be more work intensive than we thought…”
  • “We asked for X, when we really needed XXX. Now we’re back asking for more.”
  • “I apologize for my inconsistency. I’m accustomed to having a publisher yelling at me, without that, I just procrastinate endlessly.”

Okay, I made the last one up, but I bet it’s true for at least a few projects. But I’m not just posting to complain about all this. After all, it’s only human to make mistakes, especially when it comes to overestimating our abilities (especially our self-discipline). Likewise, there’s no denying that, as much as we like to bash them, publishers do bring certain things to the table: forcing everyone to stick to a schedule, cutting costs at every corner, saying “NO” to things that would disrupt the schedule or the budget. Kickstarter-funded developers, of course, are still accountable, but the folks who funded them aren’t in a position to get their money back or fire them.

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Matt Chat 215: Albion Retrospective

This episode is a retrospective of Albion, a terrific CRPG from Blue Byte. This game started off as an Amiga game, but was only released for MS-DOS. At any rate, it’s a truly epic CRPG that has unfortunately not enjoyed the publicity and recognition it deserves.


Matt Chat 215

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Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore Kickstarter Launched Today

Man, I love Kickstarter. Where else would you get the chance to fund awesome looking games like Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore? This bad boy has everything I love in CRPGs: you get to create a full party YOURSELF, all combat is tactical turn-based, and there are plenty of rats in dire need of an axe. The brain behind this project is Guido Henkel, who, yes, I’m arranging now to have on Matt Chat. Guido is German (with perfect English) who has worked on games such as Planescape: Torment and Realms of Arkania. Need I say more?

I can’t quite figure out from the video how movement will work in the game, though. It looks a lot like Legend of Grimrock, and I’m wondering if there will the same kind of pressure plate puzzles and such here. That wouldn’t be a bad thing at all in my opinion! Still, as much as I liked that game, I do enjoy getting outdoors and settling down for a few pints of fine ale at a tavern or two.

Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll be able to Guido on the show soon to talk about this (and hopefully his earlier work, too).

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Embrace the Wiki Way (Reprint)

Back in 2004, I posted an article on my website called “Embrace the Wiki Way,” which was a brief essay for writing instructors who wanted to integrate wikis into their classrooms. Sadly, the original site went down a few years ago, taking most of the data along with it. Fortunately, however, I was able to use the Way Back Machine to recover the original article, so I’ll post it here for anyone who cares to read it.