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Games and the “It’s Just Entertainment” Myth

Meet Molly the Barbarian. Or, better yet, let's introduce her to non-traditional gamers!

Meet Molly the Barbarian. Or, better yet, let’s introduce her to non-stereotypical gamers!

One of the most common (if annoying) gibes I get when I talk about gaming in an academic context is that there’s nothing culturally or rhetorically significant about these things as a medium. They’reĀ justĀ games. The very idea that games might exert some kind of influence on us beyond just eating up our free time is beyond most people. The most common retort is “yeah, but they make more money than Hollywood,” but I’d be the first to agree that money and popularity are insufficient grounds for studying something academically. No, what we chiefly need is to acknowledge their influence on our lives, and take at least some responsibility for that influence on us and our fellow human beings on this planet.

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Matt Chat 236: Brenda Romero on Sexism in the Games Industry

In this episode, Brenda Romero, the Gloria Steinem of the games industry, zeroes in on the key problems facing women gamers and developers: sexism, sexism, and more sexism. Booth babes, chain mail bikinis, and lack of healthy avatar options are all just symptoms of a much broader problem.

Warning: I’ve done my best to censor out the adult language in this episode, but my apologies if any managed to slip through.

The T-shirt I’m wearing in this episode is my own sad creation. Want one? Get it from Zazzle.

Download the mp4 here.