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Matt Chat Interviews Paul Neurath

Hi, folks! Here’s the transcript of my interview with the great Paul Neurath of Otherside Entertainment. Paul is a living legend among game developers, with a long list of innovative and much-loved titles, including Ultima Underworld, Flight Unlimited, Thief, System Shock, Terra Nova, and now, Underworld Ascendent. Watch below or click the read more to see the transcription.

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Son of Down with Pots

urlJay Rampant Coyote Barnson has written a nice post responding to my earlier post about pots in CRPGs. In his post, Jay writes in defense of consumable items, although he shares a lot of the same issues–the ol’ wand of fireballs that you keep on toting around because you just know you’re going to really need it for another battle. Eventually, of course, you find it still sitting in your inventory at such a late point in the game that any  monster you used it on would laugh at you.

As I was reading his post, though, I had a couple ideas. One was to make items specific for a particular boss battle. WOW does this all the time, giving you, say, a gnomish thingamajig that will shrink down an elite water giant so you can easily smite him. However, my friends and I always have to try killing one in his elite form–just to prove we got the guts to do it. Unfortunately, usually the only way you can actually complete the quest is to shrink them with the device.

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Matt Chat 225: Glenn Wichman on Rogue

This week’s episode features Glenn Wichmann, co-creator of Rogue–one of the most important and influential role-playing games ever. We talk about how he learned the ropes, met up with Michael Toy and others, and ended up making the game that started an entire genre of “roguelike” CRPGs–that’s still going strong decades later!

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Matt Chat 224: Dungeon Keeper (Retrospective)

Sure you love CRPGS…But have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be the mastermind behind those dungeons you love exploring? To be the evil warlord yourself? In 1997, Bullfrog Productions gave us that chance in the form of Dungeon Keeper, an awesome DOS game that became a cult classic.

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