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    Matt mentioned in last Mattchat, that next game which would be reviewed will be Vampire: Bloodlines. Im realy curious, that he missed such master piece. He asked here for some ideas.. hope that is realy want to read something like that.. that it wasnt only typical pleas comment, like and share crapp for more pageviews, where author realy isnt interesed in ideas of listeners.

    My ideas (i wrote 8 years ago full review of game, but it isnt in english..):
    – realy adult dialogs
    – best nonlinear dialog in bigger game
    – character choice realy matters
    – too many same enemies
    – in some locations stupid level design
    – characters skills which realy different
    – non good and evil side story
    – game is a bit broken and unfinnished, unofficial patch is huge, but is big change of whole game – i my personal advice is play game first time without it

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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