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    Matt Barton

    Got a favorite game you think I should give the “Matt Chat” treatment? Post them here.



    I’d enjoy seeing a retrospective of Omikron: The Nomad Soul. It’s a fairly unique game. Character death and reincarnation is an important part of the game. …and then of course there is the David Bowie tie-in.



    Don’t know if you have access to a Nintendo DS, but The Dark Spire is a surprisingly good, traditional dungeon crawl closely molded in the shape of the Wizardry series. It is practically identical to Wizardry mechanically, and one cool feature is that it offers a modern graphic design while offering an option to switch to a graphical mode that recreates the wireframe dungeons, and 8 bit sprites/sound/music Wizardry on the NES was known and popular for.

    Or hell, Wizardry 8. It’s out on GOG and Steam now.



    How about Anachronox? Very interesting and unique game. Also it’s one of a few western RPG and jRPG mixes that exists (probably the only successful one).



    Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!




    It’s starting to become difficult to find one that you haven’t done already, but I’ll second Anachronox. I think that would make for a good retro.

    The first or second Thief would be good.
    Outcast could make for an entertaining watch.
    Lands of Lore maybe?



    Albion from Blue Byte is one of the cRPG all-time classics – wonderful adventure.



    Hey Matt,
    I got a suggestion for your Retrospectives. You obviously like adventures and also seem to like Star Trek. So you might enjoy Star Trek – A Final Unity.
    It’s a rather old DOS adventure made by Spectrum Holobyte but I totally loved this game.
    Played it back in the days and got it running this year again with the help of DOS-Box. :)
    What sets it apart from other adventures is that you get to play a group of 4 crew members which you can select by your own if you want.
    Also has a nice story and is completely voiced by the original Next Generation Cast.

    I think this would make a good title for your Retrospectives. Have fun with it if you give it a shot. :)


    Matt Barton

    That’s neat that it’s voiced by the original cast. I was just watching TNG a few hours ago! Love that show.



    I agree with the Albion retrospect. That’s a very unique game combining a lot of different elements. Turn based RPG both isometric and first person view.

    I would also like to see a retro of Flashback: Quest for Identity. 1992 game from Delphine Software. The makers of Another World (Out of this world). I think it was quite ahead of its time and incredibly charming. Sega CD version had the best soundtrack. I think the game is a diamond in the rough. A game that’s under appreciated.



    Im too for europian gem ALbion or Arx Fatalis, Gothic 2, Witcher 2, STALKER if you need something weird you could try late czech amiga dungeon Magic island or hungarian Perhalion.

    From second line ofquality titles Ishar trilogy, Dungeon Master 2, Metro, Wizzards and Warriors, Warhammer Shadows of the Rat, Myth.

    Or some very old stuff from Dungeon of Desktop, i want to see, if is someone able play games as Autodel, Megatravel etc, Dragon Lance etc..

    I realy dont want to see, adventures, old or new, i hate both.. L.A. Noire, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, Walking dead are dead branches of evolution. Maybe, maybe Gabriel Knight 2.

    I would like to see, also some long play, or lets plays, raw stuff without editing and other sauce.

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    Matt Barton

    Hi, Ruthan! Glad to see you made it to my new crib.

    Here’s an oldie from the Matt Chat vaults:



    Hell ou,
    mea culpa, i forgot completly, that you already reviewed this game in your more hardcore age (more such very old games pleas).. i even thing that i discovered Autodueal thanks to you. Its shame that is from stone age of 10 minutes YT limit, this game is definitly worthy more.

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    You should do one called Starship Titanic . It’s a pretty funny adventure/puzzle game designed by Douglas Adams and The Digital Village. It was made in 1998. I played the heck out of it back when I was younger.

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    How ’bout some Dragon’s Lair with good old Dirk the Daring? I recently bought that bad boy on Steam and look forward to digging in.

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