Possibility Space #1: A Simulation of Life Itself

Okay, thanks to some timely advice, I’ve re-uploaded this and changed the title!

In short, this is little experiment I’m trying with podcasting: a 5-minute mini-history format inspired by Nate Dimeo’s excellent podcast Memory Palace. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

The Story of SimCity

4 thoughts on “Possibility Space #1: A Simulation of Life Itself

  1. Victor Freire

    Very interesting tidbit of history! The narrative and sound effects were also very entertaining.

  2. HamilcarBarkas

    My first impressions: Cool “Sci-Fi-ish” beginning and interesting “ab ovo” character development. Really well written narrative arc, the details story- and characterwise (desire to colonize other worlds/ interest in apple II/ the helicopter game/ wish to put the background to live/ the critics…) help the imagination.

    Are you planning to make a series out of this? Every session another “reimagination” of the “creational”
    process behind a developer/video game? After listening to this short story I am really looking forward to more of that format.

    Difficult to say how the sound effetcs work with other stories, but the Sci-fi/outerworldly allusions (father dies; longing for colonization -> computer pioneer) are a great match.

    Keep up the great work you are doing, it really is fascinating what those “methusalems” of game design/development have to tell.

    P.S. Upload your file to youtube. Really. It is GOOD.
    P.P.S(off-topic) What´s the deal with the stickers in front of Planescape: Torment during your videos? Is there some ‘beef’ with good old Guido?


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