The Complete List of Matt Chat Interviews (WIP)

The following links are to playlists containing all of the relevant videos for each person. Enjoy, and please share this with anyone you know who’s interested in game history and development. If you find these interviews enlightening, enjoyable, or useful, please take a moment to offer your financial support for Matt Chat.

  1. Adams, Scott (3 videos). Influential publisher and author of text adventures.
  2. Avellone, Chris (3 videos). RPG Designer and writer best known for Planescape: Torment.
  3. Baer, Ralph. Inventor of Video Games.
  4. Baity, David. Current developer of MegaWars.
  5. Bartle, Richard (5 videos). Creator of MUD.
  6. Baldwin, Mark Lewis (3 videos). Creator of The Perfect General and Empire.
  7. Barnson, Jay (4 videos). Creator of Frayed Knights and blogger on indie RPG development.
  8. Billings, Joel (4 videos). Founder of SSI.
  9. Bowen, Laura (3 videos). SSI veteran.
  10. Bueche, Chuck aka “Chuckles.” (4 videos). Origin veteran and creator of Autoduel and 2400 AD.
  11. Cain, Tim (3 videos). Creator of Fallout and Arcanum.
  12. Caneghem, Jon Van (JVC). (2 videos). Founder of New World Computing and creator of Might & Magic.
  13. Caulfield, Anthony and Nicole (4 videos). Producers of From Bedrooms to Billions documentary.
  14. Chefiet, Stewart (3 videos). Host and producer of Computer Chronicles TV show.
  15. Chiang, Jessica. Veteran of Her Interactive.
  16. Clardy, Robert. (4 videos). CRPG pioneer and designer of War on Middle Earth. 
  17. Cole, Corey (4 videos). Co-creator of Quest for Glory.
  18. Cole, Lori (4 videos). Co-creator of Quest for Glory.
  19. Cooper, Sean (2 videos). Creator of Syndicate.
  20. Cordes, Agustin. (3 videos). Creator of Scratches and Asylum horror adventure games.
  21. Craddock, David. Author of book on Diablo’s history.
  22. Cutter, John (4 videos). Cinemaware and Dynamix designer and producer.
  23. Devine, Graeme (3 videos). Founder of Trilobyte and creator of The 7th Guest.
  24. Doan, Daniel (1 video). Creator of Sanctuary and indie publisher.
  25. Dr. Cat (6 videos). Veteran of Origin Systems and designer of Furcadia.
  26. Fargo, Brian (4 videos). Founder of Interplay.
  27. Ford, Fred (3 videos). Creator of Skylander, The Horde, and Star Control.
  28. Fox, David (4 videos). Lucasfilm Games veteran and creator of Zak McKracken.
  29. Fries, Ed (4 videos). VP of Game Publishing for Xbox.
  30. Gaiser, Megan. Former head of Her Interactive.
  31. Garriott, Richard (aka Lord British). (3 videos). Ultima creator and founder of Origin.
  32. Gilbert, Dave (3 videos). Adventure game designer and founder of Wadjet Eye.
  33. Gollop, Julian (4 videos). Creator of X-Com.
  34. Hall, Tom (4 videos). Influential level designer and creator of Commander Keen and Anachronox.
  35. Hallford, Neal (5 videos). Writer and designer of Betrayal at Krondor.
  36. Hare, Jon (5 videos). Outspoken founder of Sensible Software.
  37. Heineman, Rebecca (aka Burger). (5 videos). Creator of Bard’s Tale III and Dragon Wars.
  38. Hendrick, Arnold (3 videos). Creator of Darklands.
  39. Henkel, Guido (4 videos). Designer known for Realms of Arkania and PS:T.
  40. Irving, Rob (5 videos). Origin veteran who worked on Wing Commander series.
  41. Jacob, Bob (1 video). Founder of Cinemaware.
  42. Jaquays, Jennell (3 videos). Artist, RPG writer, and Coleco veteran.
  43. Kick, Stephen (3 videos). Founder of Night Dive.
  44. Kyratzes, Jonas (3 videos). Indie adventure game author.
  45. Lang, Tim (5 videos). Level designer and New World Computing veteran.
  46. Lowe, Al (2 videos). Leisure Suit Larry creator and Sierra veteran.
  47. Mandel, Josh (4 videos). Sierra veteran and voice actor.
  48. Manley, Susan (5 videos). Founder of Olde Skuul and artist at SSI.
  49. Marsh, Dave (3 videos). Creator of Shadowgate.
  50. McCord, Jeff. Creator of Sword of Fargoal.
  51. Miller, Scott (3 videos). Founder of 3D Realms and shareware pioneer.
  52. Montgomery. R.A. (1 video). Creator of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books.
  53. Neurath, Paul (2 videos). Founder of Blue Sky Productions and creative director of Zynga.
  54. Oliphant, Peter (3 videos). Designer of Stonekeep.
  55. Pajitnov, Alexey. (3 videos). Creator of Tetris. 
  56. Petersen, Sandy (3 videos). Level designer and RPG designer.
  57. Reiche, Paul III (3 videos). Creator of Skylanders, Star Control, and The Horde.
  58. Riedl, Rob. Programmer for Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew series.
  59. Robinson, Seth. (3 videos). Creator of Legend of the Red Dragon and Dink Smallwood.
  60. Romero, Brenda (5 videos). Sir-Tech veteran and designer on Wizardry VI and Jagged Alliance. Formerly Brenda Brathwaite.
  61. Romero, John. (5 videos). Creator of Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and Quake.
  62. Sachs, Jim (3 videos). Influential Amiga artist.
  63. Salila, Juho (2 videos). Creator of Legend of Grimrock.
  64. Sanger, George (aka The Fat Man). (5 videos). Colorful pioneer of game audio.
  65. Sawyer, Josh (3 videos). Designer of Project Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas and veteran of Black Isle.
  66. Schick, Lawrence (aka Lawrence Ellsworth) (3 videos). Writer for Elder Scrolls Online and veteran of TSR, Coleco, and Microprose.
  67. Shelley, David (3 videos). SSI veteran.
  68. Sherman, Howard. Text adventure author and publisher.
  69. Soderwall, Mark (4 videos). Game artist and game design instructor.
  70. Taylor, Chris (4 videos). Founder of Gas Powered Games and RTS expert.
  71. Tunnell, Jeff (4 videos). Founder of Dynamix.
  72. Urquhart, Feargus (4 videos). CEO of Obsidian.
  73. Warhol, David (3 videos). Music composer and Blue Sky Ranger.
  74. Warshaw, Howard Scott (2 videos). Atari veteran and creator of ET and Yar’s Revenge.
  75. Weisman, Jordan (2 videos). Creator of Battletech games.
  76. Wertich, Volker (3 videos). Creator of The Settlers.
  77. Wesely, David. (5 videos). D&D and Coleco pioneer.
  78. Wichman, Glenn (3 videos). Creator of Rogue and Zynga veteran.
  79. Wilkins, Don. (3 videos). Creator of Stellar Tactics and veteran of Sir-Tech.
  80. Williams, Jeff (2 videos). Creator Darkstar FMV game.
  81. Williams, Joe and Hannah (3 videos). Founders of Whalenought Studios.
  82. Witwer, Mike. Author of Gary Gygax bio.
  83. Wood, Johnny. MMO designer and creator of Classic Ultima Online.
  84. Woodhead, Robert. Creator of Wizardry.
  85. Vincke, Swen. Founder of Larian Studios (Divinity series).
  86. Volk, Bill (4 videos). Avalon Hill and Activision veteran.
  87. Yerzmyey (3 videos). Chiptune composer.

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