Gameplay: The Movie Update

John RomeroHi, all, fabulous news! Richard G. emailed a copy of the Gameplay “premix” to me the other day, and boy, is it something. He’s told me that they’re planning to output the film this December. In case you aren’t familiar with this project, it’s basically a movie adaptation of my book Vintage Games, but with pretty substantial rewriting to make it fit the movie format. It will definitely be far more inclusive than anything like it before–let’s face it, most of these game history documentaries are so shallow and poorly researched they don’t even mention key systems like the Commodore 64 or ColecoVision. Not so here.

There are also lots of interview clips in here from greats like John Romero and David Crane. The film is being edited by Richard Goldgewicht for Lux Digital Pictures.


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