Matt Chat 220: Wizardry 8

I finally got around this week to playing a true CRPG classic from Sir-Tech and Brenda Brathwaite: Wizardry 8! This is an awesome game that I would love to see more of today: full 6-party character creation, strategic combat (you get a choice between “phase” and “continuous”), and of course, an epic storyline.

You can download the mp4 here.
If you want to buy the game, use my affiliate link from At $5, this is a real steal, especially when a boxed copy might set you back $60 or more.


One thought on “Matt Chat 220: Wizardry 8

  1. Shane-ola

    Matt, don’t you know that the rest of the Valyrie’s armor was just invisible? That’s a trick she learned from Red Sonja. Magical dwarven phase armor or something.


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