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Welcome to Matt Chat! Each week, I produce videos on YouTube featuring interviews with awesome game developers such as John Romero, Tim Cain, and Richard “Lord British” Garriott. I also do in-depth, humorous retrospectives of my favorite classics. Matt Chat is entirely fan-supported. There are no ads or sponsorships. Each video is released under a Creative Commons license, so you are free to copy and remix them however you see fit. All I ask in return is a $1 per show, though I appreciate your generosity in contributing whatever level you are comfortable with.

I prefer that you support the show using Patreon. They take the lowest cut of your contribution, and you’ll get extra rewards and community features you won’t get otherwise. Just click the picture below to get started!


If you’re not interested in using Patreon, please use PayPal instead.

What’s the show worth to you?


You can also support the show by using my GOG affiliate link. Just click the button below and buy all the games you want! The show will receive an 8% royalty at no extra cost to you.200px-Gog_logo

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